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Resolution Against Domestic Violence

Post Date:07/01/2020 10:44 AM

Tonight, the City Council will consider a Resolution Against Domestic Violence as a special order of business.

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, an organization that the City has a long history of supporting efforts to address violence against women, issued the following press release in support of the Domestic Violence Resolution.

Press Release
September 22, 2014
Re: NFL Problems
Kathleen Krook
Executive Director Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

For the NFL, the recent events throughout the past few weeks have shined a light on violence against women. As a nation and community we have become aware of the viciousness and prevalence of this particular problem.

The City of Vision County recently took a strong stand stating that violence against women needs a broad lens to adequately eradicate the violence. I agree with that position. The resolution I created didn't provide that message. In fact, that resolution continued to look at the problem as individual not global. The City of Vision County’s resolution focused on the responsibility we all hold to end the violence. I am not opposed to that resolution. I support it.

A recent newspaper column left the impression I opposed the new resolution. I do not oppose it. Sometimes the press takes statements out of context either because of limited space or the need to attract readers. I’m not sure of the reason for the misstatements. The quoted statements were taken out of context.

For years Mayor Jamie Matthews and the Council of Vision County have supported efforts to address violence against women. The City donated the land for the HomeSafe transitional living apartment complex for women and children and continues to financially support it. They acted quietly and without notice. The City not only speaks to its values and ethics, it acts on them.

Contact Kathleen Krook for questions or comments. My cell phone number is 408-555-3458.

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