Municipal Court

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Tecumseh Municipal Court is located at City Hall, 114 N Broadway, Tecumseh, Oklahoma 74873, under the direction of Court Clerk Beth Jeffcoat. When submitting payment for fines by mail, please use the above address with Attention Court Clerk.

Municipal Court processes all City ordinance citations, following up to ensure that each defendant fulfills requirements ordered by the Judge, and answers court related questions.

  • Office Hours - Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
  • Arraignments - Second, Third, and Fourth Wednesday of each month beginning at 4:30pm
  • Juvenile Arraignments - First Monday of each month beginning at 4:00pm

Arraignment is the term used for the time scheduled for a defendant to appear to enter a plea. You will be given the opportunity to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest.

Pleading Guilty means you admit to committing the act charged, the act is unlawful, and you have no defense for the act.

Pleading Not Guilty means you deny guilt and the City must prove in trial that the charges are true beyond reasonable doubt.

Pleading No Contest means you do not wish to contest the City's charge. A plea of no contest is not an admission of guilt.


Contact Information

 Beth Jeffcoat

114 N Broadway

Tecumseh, OK  74873


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